Useful Tips

Innovation, value and better quality Lock products


  • Always buy quality locks of reliable brands, check the quality yourself. Consider locks as your one time investment into security.
  • Only good quality locks can't grant you full security alone. Also check the strength of aldrops, hinges etc.
  • Warranty is important as a good warranty means your product is already certified a long-lasting. Don’t go for anything less than 1 year warranty. *Jainson provides at least 1 year warranty on all its products*

Types of Locks and features:

  • Every door requires different kinds of locks. Use locks of appropriate size and usage as per your need. For e.g: For main gates use big size heavy locks. For main entrances, internal locks always prove beneficial. For bathrooms, use knob locks. *Jainson has a wide variety of locks and provides solutions like office security, home security, electronic solutions*
  • For long durability of locks, lubricate them with Machine Oil every 6 months. Do not use any other oil like Mobil oil or mustard oil or coconut oil etc.

Keys and Passwords:

  • Please keep all the keys (main +duplicates) under reliable custody. Make sure that you are not storing duplicate keys in the same room as original keys.
  • If your keys begin to deteriorate, please change your lock, or it might become troublesome at some point. Remember prevention is better than cure.
  • For electronic Locks, save passwords in your mobile protected notes or write and put them somewhere safe and accessible.